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We are a growing company and as we grow, our values are critical to the way we handle business. Above all we value integrity, honesty and mutual respect. We are committed to be a most dependable supplier of a quality tool.

We intend to live up to our commitments and treat everyone with the same personal and professional consideration we expect for ourselves.

Our goal is to present a unique product to the market and have qualified personnel on hand to answer questions on the use and functions of the Quick Angle tool.


What makes pros out of everyone?

Distributed by Omega Tools
Western USA and Canada
Toll Free: 888-599-1803

|  Multi-Purpose Tool  |  Angles  |  Compass  |  Notches & Cutouts  |  Pitch  |  Scribe  |
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Quick Angle, Inc.
36875 Bachelor Flats Drive N
Creston, WA 99117
Email: info@quickangle.com

Phone: (509)630-2418

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