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Use Quick Angle to find Angles

  Push the Quick Angle to the center of the angle you wish to measure.

  Grab the thumb grip with one hand and push the indicator down so the wings will open out against the unknown angle.

  Use Quick Angle to measure Angles Lock the knob and read the measurement through the quick view window.

Set up and Make
Duplicate or Miter Cuts Accurately and Easily
The center bar is the bisection of the angle for the miter cut
Miter Saw
Use Quick Angle with a Miter Saw
Use Quick Angle with a Miter Saw
Use Quick Angle with a Miter Saw

1. Push the Quick Angle into the corner and lock the knob.
2. Place one wing against the fence of your saw and the other along the edge of the table insert* or blade to make a duplicate cut.
3. Line the center bar along the table insert or blade to make a miter cut.

* Check to make sure the table insert edge is parallel to the blade


Use Quick Angle as a Miter Saw
For an outside miter cut you have the wing that is not against the fence pointing toward the back of the saw.

Table Saw
Use Quick Angle with a Table Saw
Use Quick Angle with a Table Saw

1. To make a duplicate cut with the table saw, find your angle and then place one wing against your miter gauge and line the other wing along the gauge bar.
2. To make a miter cut, line the angle wing against the miter gauge and the center bar of the Quick Angle against the miter gauge bar.

Handheld Saw
Use Quick Angle with a Handheld Saw
  Use Quick Angle with a Handheld Saw1

Make a duplicate cut using the measured angle with the wing edge against the material you are cutting. Use the other wing as a saw guide.

Use Quick Angle with a Handheld Saw2

Make a miter cut by placing the wing against the material and marking a line along the center bar edge. Move the wing to the mark and cut.



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