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Notches & Cutouts

Use Quick Angle for Notches and Cutouts Notches and cutouts
11/2 inches to 6 inches deep.
Use Quick Angle for Notches and Cutouts

  Insert a pencil into the pencil holder.
Make sure the measurements are taken from the center of the pencil point to the inside of the marking edge.

  Lock the knob.

  Place your Quick Angle with the inside of the marking edge on the edge of the material you want to notch.

  Slide your Quick Angle along the edge of the board to the length you need.

  Place your Quick Angle at any angle to the first line and draw another line.


Use Quick Angle for Notches and Cutouts

Do this as many times as necessary to mark your notch or cutout.


Move your mouse over the picture to see old versus new!


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