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Use Pitch to determine material needed for roofing, proper vents & flashing for a roof, and paint and siding for gable ends.


Ridge Method

With the center bar of the Quick Angle pointing up, lower both wings to touch the roof on each side of the ridge. Read the pitch on the center bar.


Vertical Method

Place the Quick Angle against the wall and open the wings to the bottom of the rafter. Read the pitch on the center bar.


Horizontal Method
  1. With the bottom wing level and the top wing against the soffit or rafter, read the pitch on the center bar.

  2. Place the bottom wing on the slope of the roof and level the top wing. Read the pitch on the center bar.







Under the Ridge Pitch
  1. Open the Quick Angle to approximately zero (0) degrees and slightly tighten the knob.



  2. Tie the Quick Angle to broom stick or pole or 3/4" 200PSI PVC pipe.


Do not climb on a ladder or the roof!

Push the Quick Angle to the center of the ridge peak.

  1. Read the degrees on the scale side of the Quick Angle.

  2. Invert to the same degree on the upper end of the scale.

  3. Turn over and read pitch.

To find Square Feet for Material for a Roof

  1. Measure Pitch using the easiest method.

  2. Multiply the Length x Width of the roof.

  3. Using this table, multiply the figure from Step #2 by the number listed beside the pitch of your roof.

4/12 pitch = 1.054
5/12 pitch = 1.083
6/12 pitch = 1.118
7/12 pitch = 1.157
8/12 pitch = 1.202
9/12 pitch = 1.250
10/12 pitch = 1.302
11/12 pitch = 1.356
12/12 pitch = 1.414

Vertical Pitch

You must remember to add extra for the length of the overhang.

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