Quick Angle

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The Multi-Purpose Tool

It is a rare thing to find one tool that will accomplish so much (Miter Cuts for one thing and Duplications for another). The Quick Angle is designed with the user in mind. Like all good inventions this tool was born out of need. Try this all in one tool that will compliment and enhance your tool box.

Quick Angle is a revolutionary new tool
that can perform the following functions:

Notches & Cutouts

Save your belt
Make the move to




Click to Learn MoreScribe
the Quick Angle way

Lock the knob in place and draw a line.




Click to Learn More Compass
the Quick Angle way

The Quick Angle will make a circle up to 24".



Click to Learn MoreAngles
the Quick Angle way

Use the Quick Angle to measure any angle easily.





Click to Learn MoreNotches & Cutouts
the Quick Angle way

Notches and cutouts 11/2 inches to 6 inches deep.





Click to Learn MorePitches
the Quick Angle way

Pitches - vertical, horizontal and ridge methods are possible.



What makes pros out of everyone?

Distributed by Omega Tools
Western USA and Canada
Toll Free: 888-599-1803

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Quick Angle, Inc.
36875 Bachelor Flats Drive N
Creston, WA 99117
Email: info@quickangle.com

Phone: (509)630-2418

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